Customize .vacation.msg to include subject, sender, etc?

Peter Boosten peter at
Fri May 29 18:27:40 UTC 2009

Kelly Jones wrote:
> Woops, that's not quite what I meant, sorry. I meant something like:
> From: someone at somewhere
> Subject: Re: {subject of message you sent}
> Dear {email address of person who sent message},
> You recently sent an email to {to address of messages}...
> and so on. I realize the to address is often fixed, but I'm doing this
> in virtusertable/aliases as:
> autoreply
> autoreply: "|/usr/bin/vacation ..."
> so the to address might be "abc at" for one message,
> "xyz at" for another message, etc.
> In other words, a true autoresponder.

Hmmm, procmail might be able to do that with the right recipe.



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