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Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri May 29 13:35:18 UTC 2009

>> it. Of course best they can do is not to do anything.
> In fact, they're simply ignoring it.

The best they can do with anything that exist.

>> If they would like to really punish MS, fines will be much higher and
>> MEANINGFUL to microsoft.
> But that's not intended, as you pointed out. The situation SHOULD
> not change; the question is just: How can we (the EU) get some
> money out of this situation, and maybe repeat it at another time
> (which requires that nothing changes)?

Still this is not a problem for me as i do not use windows.
But it's bad as there are people that use windows because they want to and 
they should pay only for windows, no extra tax.

In the same time they do best possible marketing for microsoft - computer 
lesson in schools. But i don't opt to change it to use say FreeBSD in 
schools. I opt for removing computer lessons from public schools.
EVEN BETTER - to remove public schools at all, and not getting money 
for them by taxes. then parents could decide to what private school will 
children go, what will learn, and pay for it.

>> The government is always a SOURCE, not solution to a problem.

....deleted part below after reading, as i don't have anything to add...

You just exactly described problem of public school's computer lesson.

But it's just part of a bigger problem - existence of public schools paid 
from out taxes.

> The teachers sometimes even don't have a clue about what
> they should teach.

This is not only on computer lessons.

Most teachers are just dumb, because there is no free-market mechanism to 
do the selection. If teacher will get employed in public school, it's 
really difficult to fire him/her out.

In schools i was, most teachers was simply dumb. I don't require wonders, 
but knowing basics of physics is quite important requirement of being 
physics teacher.

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