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On Fri, 29 May 2009 09:48:29 +0200 (CEST), Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:
> maybe yet? but yes - i think the first poster exaggerated things. UE 
> doesn't (yet?) fights with open standard. They even say they are promoting 
> it. Of course best they can do is not to do anything.

In fact, they're simply ignoring it.

> If they would like to really punish MS, fines will be much higher and 
> MEANINGFUL to microsoft.

But that's not intended, as you pointed out. The situation SHOULD
not change; the question is just: How can we (the EU) get some
money out of this situation, and maybe repeat it at another time
(which requires that nothing changes)?

> The government is always a SOURCE, not solution to a problem.

I may illustrate this with an example from Germany:

Politicians, accompanied by their counselors from the industry,
released rules about what software to use in schools and in
professional schools, in ministries, in executive organs.
This choice is always "Windows" (allthough obviously outdated
versions), and only in the mission critical fields mainframes
are used (IBM mostly, and Siemens).

This leads to two important facts:

1. Children who learn in school do only learn "Windows". They
get knowledge that they can't use on more modern "Windows"
systems anymore. Example: In school they have "Windows 2000"
with "Word '97". Then, they encounter "Windows XP" with some
newer "Office" (in worst case, the one with that strange GUI

2. Educational companies who educate professional pupils (in
preparation for a job) are explicitely regulated which "Windows"
to use. They get money if they meet the requirements. This
money, of course, comes from taxes (and I'm sure you know
where taxes come from). As soon as a company would say, "We
want to prepare our pupils for the growing importance of
Linux and UNIX in the corporate world, so we want to offer
a class for Linux beginners", they would get no money for
it (allthough Linux itself is free of charge, PCs aren't).

In these settings where "Windows" is used, there's almost
no one who can administer the systems nearly correctly.
This is because of the misbelief that "Windows" administers
itself. In some cases, the maintainers of the PC classes
even don't bother installing expensive MICROS~1 products
that they got a pirated copy of on 30 PCs.

The teachers sometimes even don't have a clue about what
they should teach.

Pupils leaving these edicational companies treat PCs like
worse typewriters and usually aren't able to use any kind
of text processing software halfways properly. When they
enter a job, they recognize that they haven't learned
anything useful.

Nobody cares.

You see: Politicians (those who are responsible for the
decisions made) create their own problems - they are the
source of the problems.

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