On the need for moderated questions lists

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Fri May 29 11:56:04 UTC 2009

>>   FreeBSD. for sure i will ask here if i will need help with FreeBSD.
> This includes at least two hypothetical scenarios:
>  a) That the current list is an off-topic 'mess'.

it is and will be.

>  b) That a moderated list would not be a 'mess'.

b is implicit if rules will be clearly defined.

>    Collect data and summarize it in a very concise and readable
>    way that proves there *is* a problem.

already told you i will

> Note that this is going to be a bit tricky though.  A great percentage of
> the posts in this very same thread may fall in the 'off topic' category you

i will try to exclude "flamewar" posts at all from statistic.

> It may be worth stopping for a moment to think about it.  If this very same
> list was one that matches what you describe you would have *never* been
> free to post a great deal of the messages you are posting now.

so i will not. simple.

> Would you choose to subscribe to it then?  Would you still enjoy being a

For sure. i will be subscribed to moderated list when i could get help and 
could help normal unix users about FreeBSD.

I will probably be still subscribed to not moderated one and look 
sometimes when i will have free time and good humour to have lots of fun, 
explain to KDE/Gnome/windows fans what unix is, talk about politics, 
global warming and nice girls etc. etc.
Or maybe sometimes even get help or be helpful, for example with questions
like "do you know a program that do this and that?". This is an example 
when i've actually got help and was off topic.

That's why i say that off topic list must be kept too as is.

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