What is this forum for?

Gary Gatten Ggatten at waddell.com
Thu May 28 21:49:05 UTC 2009

Agree floating ice that melts will do nothing (directly) to level of
global ocean waters.  PERHAPS indirectly somehow (salt water / fresh
water density, currents, temps, etc.) - but not directly.  Problem is
with all the land based ice that will melt or possibly melt.  That's
potentially very bad.

The whole "Climate Change" is very interesting discussion, but I can no
longer contribute to the problem I "whine" about, so I bid you a good


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> WAY OT, but I agree by average most people are not very smart.

Where the word "average" is important. Anyway within thousands of years 
politicians never been so successful in brainwashing as today.

> a great deal of the ice people claim will melt and flood the world is
> NOT currently floating in oceans, seas, etc.

i repeated what i read recently about ICE ON ARCTIC SEA melting that

Even knowledge from primary school physics and no single calculation is 
enough to prove that water level will not change at all.

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