What is this forum for?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Thu May 28 20:52:28 UTC 2009

> I've been subscribed to this list for quite some time. I've tried to
> help where I know,

Me too. And i'm still doing this. Of course when it is occasion for that, 
and it's rare as most questions are off-topic.

> I've tried interesting stuff that people discuss
> here. I've learned more than a few tricks just by watching the threads.
> Questions and answers that appear here have often inspired me (and given
> me the info) to write or revise Handbook sections and articles.
> But as of lately it seems my time is wasted in this fruitless discussion.

I think it's not. No matter what you think about my posts, and no matter 
if i will be posting or not, this list will turn into trash quickly 
because it isn't moderated and isn't kept strictly on-topic.

It worked for years but FreeBSD is becoming more popular.

But most people that really use and understand unix, and could make use of 
FreeBSD, already joined and use FreeBSD.

Now - this popularity means that more and more pseudo-unix-users are 
joining and the mess will be only worse.

That's why unmoderated list worked fine but will not any more.

Try to do statistics about quality of list now, year ago, 3 years ago, 5 
years ago... And you will clearly see what i'm talking about.

>> Everything else is about some apps support that just happen to be in
>> ports - while question are completely non-FreeBSD specific and should
>> go to this app mailing list.
> Yes. So please tell me why you are asking Xorg questions here.  Surely
> by your standards this should go to the Xorg mailing list then. And yes,

Because thread was already started, so why should i care?

For sure i will not if this list will be moderated, and even if i dare, 
moderator will delete it.

> These are interoperability questions. Nobody here is asking Windows
> support questions.

example - "do you know how to shrink windows partition from 250 to 50 gigs 
without losing data"

Yes he wanted this 200GB for FreeBSD, but that question has NOTHING to 

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