What is this forum for?

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Thu May 28 20:42:46 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> Forget the sports - I'm talking hot women here!  Your part of the world
>> seems to be turning them out at a high rate!
>> Oh wait, this has nothing to do with FBSD....
> like most post on that list. Even if you remove all mails classified
> as "flamewars" there is less than 10% about FreeBSD.

Hardly ever started by anyone else than you, I fear...
Or to use one of your weapons against you "This is a matter of opinion only"
I've been subscribed to this list for quite some time. I've tried to
help where I know, I've tried interesting stuff that people discuss
here. I've learned more than a few tricks just by watching the threads.
Questions and answers that appear here have often inspired me (and given
me the info) to write or revise Handbook sections and articles.
But as of lately it seems my time is wasted in this fruitless discussion.

> Everything else is about some apps support that just happen to be in
> ports - while question are completely non-FreeBSD specific and should
> go to this app mailing list.

Yes. So please tell me why you are asking Xorg questions here.  Surely
by your standards this should go to the Xorg mailing list then. And yes,
this is you a few threads back:

>>  Server 1.5.3 also really wants to configure its input devices
>>  via hald.  This is causing some issues with moused and
>>  /dev/sysmouse.  There are a couple of options for how to deal
> one more question - does it mean that it "really wants" or "you don't
> have a choice at all".
> I'm asking to know if i have to make a copy of current Xorg servers in
> case of new installations.
> thank you very much 

> Even more stupid - there are question about windows which is even less
> FreeBSD related.
> Well 10% is exaggerated, it's less.

These are interoperability questions. Nobody here is asking Windows
support questions. Not because there are not enough people here that
could answer them (me included) but because it is really off topic.

> And will be even less within time, unless moderation will be started.

Self moderation is the best discipline. If you feel the "official"
FreeBSD lists are not good enough for your taste, you can always run
your own.

This list is just too much for me to bear at its present state. I will
be turning off list delivery for a week, and I hope things will be calm
again when I am back. Please all cool down.

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