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Thu May 28 16:03:44 UTC 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 12:09:57 +0200 (CEST), Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:
> The problem is that most buyers are more happy when they get "added value" 
> "for free" like tons of CD's

Even if they never use it.

> Manufacturers do what market required, no matter how dumb it is. Those who 
> didn't already failed.

"The worst solution always prevails" and "People want crap,
they get crap" seem to have established as laws of the market.

> As windows user may get scared hearing the word "unix", [...]

No no, UNIX doesn't exist, and it's outdated anyway, just like
mainframes. :-)

> actually i never used things like cups, turboprint, whatever.

Me neither, just apsfilter.

> i just run lpr to print postscript file, or print directly from programs 
> through lpr

I'm happy to keep on doing so now, too. :-)

> There are lot of compliant second-hand printers for <100$.

I got two HP Laserjet 4000 duplex printers some years ago,
for 100 Euro (both together), including so much toner that
they're still working - and I'm printing a lot.

> For example i have HP LaserJet 4, which printed 85000 pages when i bought 
> it, and i printed over 15000.

My Laserjet 4000, my first own laser printer, has already
stopped couinting pages, it shows 1500 pages or so and doesn't
count any further. I've treated it very unkindly for more than
12 years now - and it keeps on working.

> And it works flawlessy, so i don't have new printer every year.

That's intended by the marked (because users intend so). Buying
new printers all day long is normal, so you always have a "top
of the line" printer. :-)

> exactly. [CUPS] not needed for printing.

At least for the many printers that don't conform to standards,
if makes printing a bit easier. Nice administration through
web interface, lots of autodetect... users like this. :-)

(On the other hand, it's problematic to add a parallel printer
with CUPS that isn't attached to the system - bad idea in my
opinion, just because the printer isn't available AT THE MOMENT
should not disable me to select it.)

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