Canon printer and TurboPrint

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu May 28 10:10:48 UTC 2009

>> 2) The technology exists, as demonstrated by Microsoft, to easily
>> configure a printer.
> It's because MICROS~1 are part of the system that builds the
> concepts for the printers, and the printers itself. Because
> of their monopoly positzion, they can say: "If you build a
> printer, make drivers for our 'Windows', and it will sell
> well. If you make drivers for FreeBSD, which doesn't exist,
> then it won't sell."

indeed. actually if printers would simply support standards like PCL or 
postscript and standard USB protocol it would not be need for ANY drivers 
both for windoze and FreeBSD.

The problem is that most buyers are more happy when they get "added value" 
"for free" like tons of CD's

Manufacturers do what market required, no matter how dumb it is. Those who 
didn't already failed.

But again it wouldn't be that hard to make printer conforming to standard 
AND produce (click-generate) few gigs of add on software for windows.

As windows user may get scared hearing the word "unix", even in context 
like "supports both windows and unix", they could sell the same printer as 
2 products - printer for windows (bundled with this few gigs of addons) 
and printer for unix, bundled with 1 page instruction with an example how 
to make ghostscript filter and how to configure lpd.

> included) doesn't make the situation better. I prefer the
> system that FreeBSD uses: You install ONE (!) printer

actually i never used things like cups, turboprint, whatever.

i just run lpr to print postscript file, or print directly from programs 
through lpr

> system that supports all (standard compliant) printers,
> and you don't have to do any more work. On a system with

There are lot of compliant second-hand printers for <100$.

For example i have HP LaserJet 4, which printed 85000 pages when i bought 
it, and i printed over 15000.

And it works flawlessy, so i don't have new printer every year.

>> Having to perform Herculean tasks, load extra
>> software; i.e. cups for instance, etc is not productive.
> CUPS isn't extra software in my opinions. Printer drivers are.

exactly. it's not needed for printing.

In unix many many years ago printing subsystem was already written.
it's called lpd, and it has support for filters that can be considered 

>> 4) My time is valuable. I don't feel like wasting it trying to get a
>> printer to work correctly when it is easier to do on a Win32 box. It
>> is not time well spent.

assuming someone has windows box handy. one more computer just to print 
doesn't make much sense :)

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