7.2 Release kills my XP Dual Boot

Graham Bentley admin at cpcnw.co.uk
Thu May 28 06:36:59 UTC 2009

> Is there any resolution to this? I had the same problem upgrading from
> 7.0 -> 7.2. I've been running FreeBSD dual-boot for over 10 years w/o
> this problem in the past.
> I re-ran my fdisk script from an old 6.x boot disk & recovered the XP
> partitions, but can't boot 7.2. Re-installing 7.2 kills XP.
> My system disk has 3 partitions: ad0s2 is first (XP recovery). Next is
> ad0s1 (XP) followed by FreeBSD.
> Thanks for any input.


I tried for two days every recovery tool I could lay my hands
on both open source and proprietary I still could not recover
my mangled - well, whatever .... bootsec / mbr / partable

In could even do an XP repair, fixmbr, fixboot and almost
every disc checker said there was no issues with the sata disc.

I have P1[XP-NTFS], EXT1[NTFS], P2[3BSD]

I ended up doing a re-install of everything. I then took
an image of my boot sector / mbr and partables and
held on to my plumbs whilst trying to install 7.2 a second
time (I dont like to be defeated!)

This time, no probs although I have noticed BTX labled
the EXT1 as ? and not DOS as it used to.

Currently I cant get £ signs at the console or X but thats
another 7.2 story. I only have limited time and may well go
back to Slitaz !!!

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