Sponsoring FreeBSD

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed May 27 23:17:43 UTC 2009

> therefore, it seems that keeping the list to fbsd issues is a valid
> point.

Which WILL end up with moderated list within some time. Current quality 
will not improve, only will get worse sooner or later.

The moderated list should be started quickly for simple reason:

at the beginning (almost) all people will use both lists, while all 
failures of moderated list will slowly come up. For example that 
posting rules are not defined precisely enough. Same with moderators,
after some time they will well organize themselves so "dead time" will be 
close to 0.

By some time it will work very well, so more and more people will shift to 
this. Of course not all, as part of them are happy with current status as 
a place to ask/talk about almost anything that have any remote connection 
to unix.

Everyone will be happy.

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