turning [x]html files into .odt files.

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Wed May 27 19:42:59 UTC 2009

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 05:21:26PM +0100, Chris Rees wrote:
> 2009/5/26 Gary Kline <kline at thought.org>:
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	[[ ... ]]

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> In a few days, I'll have a fair bit of spare time. I can make a port
> then, if no-one more experienced wants to snap it up.
> Like your Jottings, by the way.

	Well THANKS!  First time I've been honored by someone from
	this list on my mumblings:)  (Should be done within two years.)

	Back to the OOo and the italics and the &ldquo; and &rdquo;
	stuff.  A fellow, "BillP" on one of the ooforums gave the
	following snippet to italicize *this* :

Click at the beginning of the doucment then use Find & Replace.

Check "Regular Expressions".
Search For: \*([^\*]*)\*
Replace With: $1
Select Format > Font > Italic for the Replace With box.
Click Replace All.

	This simple regex incantation worked flawwlessly.  But BillP's
	instructions to the " and " into opening and closing quotes
	failed.  He said to pull down Tools -> AutoCorrect.  

	--let me see if i can cut/paste.  nope, but lynx -dump works.

	Originally this was better formatted in a smaller typeface:

You can replace the quotes with custom quotes using Format >
AutoCorrect > Apply, but don't don't do that until you check the
AutoCorrect Options.

       Select Tools > AutoCorrect Options.

       On the Options pane, uncheck any options under the [M] column which
       you don't want applied.

       On the Custom Quotes pane, enable the replacement of quotes and
       close the AutoCorrect dialog.

       Apply the Default paragraph style to all paragraphs with quotes
       (AutoCorrect only works on paragraphs with the Default style).
       Select Format > Autocorrect > Apply.

After Autocorrect finishes, the affected paragraphs will have the Text
Body paragraph style, so you will have to change them if you want some
other paragraph style.

	The first three indented points were clear enough.  There were
	several [M]-column items that I unchecked.  I did check both the 
	single- and double-quote typeset-looking glyphs.  Wasn't sure
	about the "Apply the Default paragraph style"  pointer and wound
	up trying for several hours until my arm/shoulder almost fell
	off.  Maybe somebody who has time can use vi/nvi/vim to type


	Or, more simply, create testfile with OOo and type "Hello."
	try the above instructions.  See if the plain " and " are 
	turned into left-/right-quotes.

	O/wise, waiting a few days: n. p.  

	Meanwhile I found one paragraph in my novel that need some work.
	It's over 150K words of action/adventure, and there's this one


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