turning [x]html files into .odt files.

Chris Rees utisoft at googlemail.com
Wed May 27 16:21:54 UTC 2009

2009/5/26 Gary Kline <kline at thought.org>:
>        This may or may not be of interest to anybody who creates professional
>        typeset-looking manuscripts.  I use vi as I have for 30 years simply
>        because my fingers know it.  I can keep fingers on keyboard rather than
>        switch back and forth to mouse.  Last night I used a very short php/html
>        file that used HTML and converted it [[[EVENTUALLY]]] to the open desktop
>        format.  Just now I wrote a one sentence file, a2oofile, using vi/nvi:
>        "Good morning, people.  It is so *great* to be back home."
>        Then using File -> Export, saved it as a2oofile.odt.
>        *) atom a2oofile  [ creates a2oofile.html ]
>        The a2oofile.html file is:
> <!doctype html public '-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN'>
> <!-autotranslation from ASCII or ISO-8859.1 by Gary Kline, kline at thought.org--->
> <! @(#) a2oofile.html translated from a2oofile !>
> <HTML>
>  <HEAD>
>    <TITLE>  <!your title here -->  </TITLE>
>    <! your header lines here -->
>  </HEAD>
> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="whatever">
>  <META NAME="revisit-after" CONTENT="7 days">
>  <META NAME="author" content="Gary Kline">
>  <META NAME="copyright" content="\xa9 Thought Unlimited">
> <P>
> &ldquo;Good morning, people.  It is so <EM>great</EM> to be back home.&rdquo;
> </FONT>
> </BODY>
> </HTML>
>        *) Then switer a2oofile.html
>        *) File -> Export [and select to save as the ODT] and you have a2oofile.odt
>        I began writing my ascii to markup suite in 1994; it was designed to do
>        ONE  thing: to  *word* into <EM>word</EM>.  I've added only the left and
>        right quotes.  atom does nothing else.  i have tweaked it for 15 years;
>        never gave to it ports because I hate writing the docs.  Anybody
>        interested in handing the port, please let me know.
>        gary
> --
>  Gary Kline  kline at thought.org  http://www.thought.org  Public Service Unix
>        http://jottings.thought.org   http://transfinite.thought.org
>    The 4.91a release of Jottings: http://jottings.thought.org/index.php

In a few days, I'll have a fair bit of spare time. I can make a port
then, if no-one more experienced wants to snap it up.

Like your Jottings, by the way.


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