Flamewar ( was: Sponsoring FreeBSD)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Wed May 27 19:21:33 UTC 2009

>> "mainstream", or because i have opinion at all, i just respond normally.
> Wojtek - I also think you have the capacity to help and you often do. But
> don't pretend to be speaking for the FreeBSD team because you are doing
reread my posts. i didn't speak for them and i said that i'm not them.
i AS USUAL tell what i think.

And YOU just don't accept this because it's completely different point of 
view than yours. You - like most people - react with fear/aggression when
hearing/reading something completely agains the knowledge you've been put 
to the brain for years. Who is right doesn't matter at all that cases.

I understand this because is natural reaction, often not fully conscious.

As you - and few other people - can not use arguments just attacks, it 
make the list polluted.

And - back to that funny "sponsor" - I can only do favour sending them 
out. Can't you see it's semi-automatic posts to whatever he found, because 
he just want to advertise yourself and his "webpage improvement" services?
(improvement==adding tons of flash, javas...t etc.)

He wanted his banner on FreeBSD site for <100$

Or maybe i'm wrong - if so, please Core Team to put our little 
company's link on my page and i will send 100$ today. Don't forget to give 
me account number.

Even more - i will find 10 friends to do the same. Just 10 links with 
small letters ;) and 1000$ is yours.

The trick of doing ANY business, and non-profit work is to NOT TAKE EVERY 
CRAP, just because you see money. I'm sure you already know it in your 
business, so why can't you see this here?

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