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>Seriously, why give up on something because it takes an hour or two
>out of your day, and carry on the ~seven minute
>reboot-to-'Windows'-cycle out of laziness? Sounds counter-productive
>and defeatist.

1) You are assuming that the same PC contains both Windows & FBSD.

2) The technology exists, as demonstrated by Microsoft, to easily
configure a printer. Having to perform Herculean tasks, load extra
software; i.e. cups for instance, etc is not productive.

3) Personally, I have found it easier to print from the FBSD box to the
Win box. As a bonus, the print quality is usually of a higher quality
that I can get using a driver built for my FBSD box using the same
printer attached directly to the FBSD box. Amazingly, Windows has no
trouble recognizing a printer attached to the FBSD PC, installing a
driver and then using it with virtually with no user intervention.

4) My time is valuable. I don't feel like wasting it trying to get a
printer to work correctly when it is easier to do on a Win32 box. It
is not time well spent.

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