Streaming server

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue May 26 11:59:01 UTC 2009

>> so please test as it's true :)
> I did test it and indeed it looks that way...


>> actually youtube player does not throttle at all - just load as fast as 
>> possible into memory while playing at normal speed.
> Yes but we are now discussing another service here. Imho there is some 
> difference between downloading (and viewing) by HTTP or viewing a YouTube 
> movie thru a YouTube site (and watching a Flash movie instead). Do you mean 
> that providing any movie in Flash format will have the same advantages as it 
> has viewing such a file thru a YouTube server?

exactly. you may make a webpage with just link to the movie(s) somewhere, 
maybe some selector, preview images, whatever you like.
it's just matter of that difference.

you too may write some javascript/whatever program that will set up the 
movie playing in the right place on screen, provide stop/start/rev/fd 
(i'm imprecise as i know little of "modern" web/java/javascript 
programming :).

That's what youtube do, AND do extra effort to lower bandwidth efficiency 
by preventing caching and storing files ;) possibly because of copyright 
reasons as someone pointed out. More probably for some other reason, as 
most files on youtube are just users amateur videos not copyrighted 
restricted material - while youtube prevent caching everything.

There will be no practical difference between playing from FTP/HTTP and 

>> realplayer do the same thing, and supports both URL's and "live" streaming 
>> protocol.
> So it would be better to forget my issue and rely on the smart settings of 
> the client's movieplayer?

exactly! or - if you like "cool" webpage interface just make that webpage 
similarly to youtube and provide just link with "Play" to your movies.

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