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Jos Chrispijn jos at
Tue May 26 11:12:26 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> so please test as it's true :)
I did test it and indeed it looks that way...
> actually youtube player does not throttle at all - just load as fast 
> as possible into memory while playing at normal speed.
Yes but we are now discussing another service here. Imho there is some 
difference between downloading (and viewing) by HTTP or viewing a 
YouTube movie thru a YouTube site (and watching a Flash movie instead). 
Do you mean that providing any movie in Flash format will have the same 
advantages as it has viewing such a file thru a YouTube server?
> look at progress bar below movie window. if your network connection is 
> fast, it quickly gets from beginning to end, while current position 
> mark advances as movie is played.
That is true, I saw that indeed.
> in mplayer you can set buffer size, if you'll set it as large or 
> larger as movie - it will behave the same way with FTP/HTTP provided 
> movie.
> realplayer do the same thing, and supports both URL's and "live" 
> streaming protocol.
So it would be better to forget my issue and rely on the smart settings 
of the client's movieplayer?

Jos Chrispijn

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