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>Nice, go on using Windows, Jerry.  I will use my FreeBSD Box.
>But I'd like to point out that my earlier solution is not that good.
>I'm going to fix it here, Jerry and I'm sure this'll be interesting for

Nice, go on "TOP POSTING". I prefer to post in a more logical way.

Seriously, one of the major problems I face when trying to get an
associate or friend to try a non Windows solution is printing. Windows
users are use to just sticking a CD in the box, installing the driver
and whatever other programs the distributor has assembled for them, and
then printing. *nix systems have never been really 'printer' friendly.
If we are ever going to increase the market share, improving the whole
printer 'experience' needs to be given some serious consideration.
Personally, I cannot see a child or even many adults, going through the
convoluted steps you have described needed to get a simple printer to
work. There has to be a better way. Then again, that is just my 2¢ on
the matter.

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