How can this 'top' command output make sense? Load over 7 and total CPU use ~5%

Peter Boosten peter at
Mon May 25 08:38:52 UTC 2009

Chris Rees wrote:
> 2009/5/25 Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at>:
>>>> first - says that it's measure of CPU load
>>>> then - "or waiting for short-term events such as disk I/O" - which is NOT
>>>> measure of CPU load.
>>> Er, what? Of course it is!
>> amount of disk I/O is a measure of CPU load? seems you are true expert ;)
> Do you ever think before you type? You regularly fill this mailing
> list with crap, incorrect advice, and correcting experts on topics
> that you haven't got a clue on.
> Just google load average and see for yourself.
> Remember checking things before making oneself look a fool? Perhaps
> you used to do that at one time, most other people do.
> Chris

I think Wojciech means '...which is NOT measure of CPU _utilization_'

In that case he's correct: whenever the CPU has to wait a lot for I/O,
like network and disk, then the _load_ will go up, while the CPU
_utilization_ stays low.



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