ok, here is a more taional query involving NEW computers.

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Sat May 16 21:13:33 UTC 2009

i used google's search protocol to get around those of craiglist.org.
that gave me a series of new and used dual- and quad-core (*Intel*)
bozen for my new fbsd server and firewall.  and i spent hours scoping out
which is the fastest for the least cost.  i had zero idea how many dozen
of kinds of dual/quad chips there were.  after a day+ of reading, i'm
more savvy about that.

what i still don't know  is which company makes the more reliable box,
and i'd appreciate as much help as you can give me.  i realize that the
best manufacturer may sell a bad computer.  i'm factoring that in.
another thing i just found is that hp's high-end Kayak no longer seem to
be made.  i am in no was stuck to hewelit-packard.  (just that the hp's
that i am running right now are more than 11 years old.)

one of the most important machines will be my server.  the one that may
be slightly less critical runs pfSense.  if either computer fails, i've
lost contact with the rest of the world.  

any help will be much appreciated!


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