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Thu May 7 03:31:50 UTC 2009

On Wed, 6 May 2009 22:34:52 -0400 (EDT), Chris Hill <chris at> wrote:
> I know that, since my printer speaks Postscript, I don't need CUPS. But 
> some of the ports I'm installing want to install CUPS as a dependency. 
> The first one I happened across was java/jdk16, but I'd be surprised if 
> there weren't more.

Just as an information: Gimp (Gutenprint) installs CUPS, allthough
I already have apsfilter (HP Laserjet 4000 PCL). When printing,
Gimp still tries to "connect to server" (lpstat).

> Could it be as simple as
>    # make -DWITHOUT_CUPS install
> ? I see no such possibility in either the config options or the Makefile 
> for jdk16, and google was no help.

I don't think it is possible. The Makefile lists CUPS as a build
dependency (UILD_DEPENDS):

	% grep -n "cups" /usr/ports/java/jdk16Makefile
	24: ${LOCALBASE}/include/cups/cups.h:${PORTSDIR}/print/cups-base

But I think it's possible to delete CUPS from the system after
JDK is compiled successfully: CUPS isn't listed in RUN_DEPENDS
so it doesn't seem to be required for running JDK / Java.

> It's not like the disk space costs anything nowadays, but I chafe at 
> installing unneccesary bloat on my system. If it can't be done I'll 
> deal, but I'd like to stay CUPS-free if possible.

Same here, too. :-) Philosophy behind the idea: I don't want to
install software that I don't need / don't run.

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