Advices for a jailed MySQL server

Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed May 6 19:09:36 UTC 2009

In response to Martin Turgeon <freebsd at>:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm starting to build a new dedicated MySQL server. I will be using 
> FreeBSD 7.2-REL. My plan is to jail the latest version of MySQL 5.0 and 
> to put the MySQL data outside the jail. My objective is to be able to 
> update MySQL without down time. My objective would be to create another 
> up to date MySQL jail and when I'm ready to make the switch, just point 
> the new jail to the data outside the jail using something like a nullfs 
> mount.
> Is someone using something like this?
> Did someone have any advice about how to update a MySQL server without 
> down time?
> Did someone have any advice on how to tune a dedicated MySQL server 
> running FreeBSD 7.2 (Dual core Xeon, 4G RAM, mirror RAID on a PERC5 
> controler 2x146G 15K)?
> Thanks everyone for sharing your precious knowledge :)

I expect that what you're trying to do will work, however it's
horrifically error-prone during the upgrade procedure (what if you
forget to stop the first MySQL before you start the new one!)

If you need to do anything zero-downtime, then you probably want
to run multiple MySQL instances and use database replication to
keep the data in sync.  That way you just switch which DB is
master, then upgrade the slave ... rinse/repeat.

Bill Moran

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