ReturnCode Checking for FTP

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Wed May 6 15:09:13 UTC 2009

Can I assume you want return codes to know if the file was transferred
correctly?  Several years ago I was involved in architecting a
middleware app for file/data exchange.  For ftp delivery (and others)
we'd check the file size locally, put the file, then check the file size
on the remote side.  Not fool-proof, such as CRC or Hash of somekind,
but pretty good.  Use bin mode for everything.  Also, maybe as part of
the file record itself you can embed a hash and have the client check
this when processing the file on their end.

Unfortunately when using ftp you never know what the ftp server
supports, so unless you can dictate "supported" ftp servers, you can't
get too fancy.


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         On my AIX and Linux system we don't have fetch installed. I
Googled  "fetch", can't found the download  URL for "fetch".
   It seems "fetch(1)" will get file(s)... We mostly push the file(s) to
the clients.  Thanks.


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Eddie Chen <echen at> writes:

>    I am looking for a FTP clients that exit with a return code.
>    However, last week I download the tnftp and started implementing
>    It's actually trivial to implement this feature.
>    If this works, do you think it should be part of the ftp client.

I've never used return codes with ftp(1),
but I have used them with fetch(1), which
is also part of the base system.

Have you tried fetch?  If it doesn't meet
your needs, can you explain why?

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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