How can I extract differences between 2 folders ?

Armin Pirkovitsch a.pirko at
Tue May 5 15:04:10 UTC 2009

First of all I suppose you're talking about 2 files, not folders.
In which case the command you're using isn't looking so bad since it
shows the differences between file "a" and file "b":

 > diff --suppress-common-lines -w -y a b
 abcde                                                         | xyasz

But since you do not seem to be happy with the output - what should it
look like?


On Tue 05 May 2009, Yavuz Maşlak wrote:

> I have two folders which contains some expressions in everyline as 
> following;
> File A:
> abcde
> 12345
> etc.
> File B:
> xyzas
> 12345
> etc
> As above some strings are same and some strings are different.
> There are several differents between these two files.
> When I run diff command "diff --suppress-common-lines -y -w file1 file2 > 
> fileresult"   like I couldn't result right.
> How can I extract differences between 2 folders ?
> Which command do I need to use ?

Armin Pirkovitsch
a.pirko at

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