Cleaning up multiplicates in elf ldconfig path

Parv parv at
Tue Mar 31 04:37:13 PDT 2009

in message <200903302145.48743.mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at>,
wrote Mel Flynn thusly...
> On Sunday 29 March 2009 16:39:15 Parv wrote:
> > I am on FreeBSD/i386 6.4-STABLE (around Mar 1, 2009).  I failed
> > to find a solution to the (cosmetic) problem of ldconfig path
> > having duplicate directories (dmesg output wrapped for this
> > email) ...
( ... and both /usr/{X11R6,local} point to /misc/local ... )
> I've been running without /usr/X11R6 symlink for a long time and
> since XFree86 support has been removed from ports, it seems
> logical it can be safely deleted. However, flz@ (maintainer of
> xorg) has the authoritative answer.

Thanks Mel, at least for the confirmation.  Since I sent the email,
I have moved out /usr/X11R6 link (effectively deleted).  After two
days of daily use I have not seen anything different, besides
cleaned up dmesg(1) output.

  - Parv


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