configuring the freebsd boot manager

Brett Wigins s0x7c0 at
Sun Mar 29 17:55:01 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I am having some problems understanding how the freebsd boot manager 
works. I have installed FreeBSD and Linux on the same laptop HD and want 
to be able to select which one to boot when the computer starts. I 
installed the bootmanager to to the MBR during installation and when I 
boot the laptop I am presented with four choices;

F1 - FreeBSD
F2 - Linux
F3 - ???
F4 - Linux

but I am only able to select F1, F2-F3 only make the laptop beep and 
doesnt load anything. The way I have set up the HD is for Partition 1 to 
be a FreeBSD Slice, Partition 2 the Linux / Partition 3 is Linux swap 
and Partition 4 is Linux /home. Any help would be great



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