Issues with OpenLDAP 2.4.15 and FreeBSD 8.0-CUrrent as well as with FreeBSD 7.2-PRE using DB 4.7

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Mar 31 03:20:28 PDT 2009

I reported this earlier here and now I'm about to file a PR. Before 
that, I will ask whether there is a solution out here or someone can 
give a hint in case I ran into a hidden misconfiguration.

First I see on all FreeBSD flavours (7.2 and 8.0) a coredump of LDAP 
clients when doing ldapsearch, ldappasswd. The client performs well, but 
at the end it terminates with some SIG 11.

Another very severe issue is with Db 4.7 and OpenLDAP 2.4.15 as taken 
from ports. On FreeBSD 7.1/7.2 I was running a OpenLDAP 1.4.15 server, 
used with DB 4.6. Several experimental boxes with FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT 
and FreeBSD 7.1/7.2 were referring to that LDAP server for user 
authetication. After backing up the database, installing DB 4.7, 
recompiling everything that depends on DB 4.X, recompiling at last 
OpenLDAP and doing a Db recover ends up in a problem. The clients which 
were willing to perform logins via ssh by autheticating users via this 
LDAP server refuses now authentication! The same client authenticates 
the users of the LDAP server via LDAP authentication when accessing 
protected webpages served by lighttpd. I also can enumerate /home with 
users taken from the LDAP server, except login in via ssh. I did not 
change sshd's config, so I suspect something else. Watching console log 
and slapd log I see no issues aside the slapd log, but console and sshd 
log tell something about an unknown user with uid XXXX. Googling for 
this error I find a lot of sshd/nss/ldap related issues - but no 
solution. Doinf a 'sudo' or 'su' on the same machine to users residing 
on LDAP db is possible. But connection via ssh isn't possible.

Another very strange behaviour occurs on FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT serving as 
OpenLDAP 2.4.15 server with cysrus-sasl compiled in and DB 4.7. 
Authentication to this server, even from the local host, takes 
approximately 20 - 30 seconds, connecting LUMA for administering also 
takes that long, even showing up the DIT in LUMA takes unconveniently 
long times to perform. This happens when this server was updated from 
FreeBSD 7.2-PRE to FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT with all the stuff completely 
fresh installed. Before the upgrade, the OpenLDAP server was running 
2.4.15 with DB 4.7 as well as it does now under FreeBSD 8.0-CUR.

Well, even with fresh standard installations taken from the templates 
when using nss_ldap/pam_ldap/OpenLDAP shows those strange issues on all 
mentioned boxes and OS flavours.

Now I think I ran into a severe issue with either OpenLDAP 2.4.15 and/or 
FreeBSD 8.0.


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