USB disk support patches?

Peter Steele psteele at
Mon Mar 30 07:25:49 PDT 2009

We've found that FreeBSD 7.0's support for USB disks is pretty unstable. We have a process that creates a bootable FreeBSD 7.0 image on a USB disk and this requires writing a fairly large amount of data in one shot to the USB drive. We've found that there is probably less than a 50% chance of this actually working. More often than not, the write process hangs up and the system has to be rebooted to recover from that state it is in. 

Are there any patches available that improve the reliability of this kind of mass writing to USB drives. We don't seem to have as much of an issue with reading. Once we've created one of our bootable disks for example we can boot our systems with them and they seem to work fine. The failures occur when a lot of data is being streamed to a USB disk. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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