ipfw, pf and ALTQ on outbound traffic? (or: "The net is slow when I upload!")

CyberLeo Kitsana cyberleo at cyberleo.net
Tue Mar 24 02:15:27 PDT 2009

Morgan Wesström wrote:
> Jubal Kessler wrote:
>> (To put it another way: When I max out my upstream, and my upstream is
>> capped lower than my downstream, my downstream becomes useless and I am
>> forced to wait until the upload finishes before I can resume using the
>> downstream. This is a problem, and I'd like to solve it.)
> This is exactly the reason why I built my own router several years ago.

I have done the same with PF and AltQ for the past few years. It is so
effective on my 1536/384 ADSL that I now have the opposite problem: a
large download will lag both downloads and uploads. Sadly, this is a
more difficult issue to tackle without full access to hardware at both
ends of the slow link.

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