Portsnap vs CSup

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Thu Mar 19 21:58:50 PDT 2009

At 7:39 PM +0100 3/19/09, Kalle Møller wrote:
>I've been digging around, but I can't find a clear answer, which of those
>two is the "correct" to use. Hence I don't use one now, so if I'm going to
>learn one, I would prefer it to be the right one.

That's a reasonable question to ask.  Unfortunately, the answer is "it
depends on what you want"...  For my use (as more of a developer), I
go with csup or cvsup for most of my machines.  But on the slower
machines that I have, portsnap might be a better choice.

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