make installworld fails on RELEASE6.4 amd64

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Mar 16 23:05:24 PDT 2009

> > I am facing a problem that I cannot solve when trying to reinstall
> > wolrd on 6.4 amd 64.
> More about this issue.

Regarding adjkerntz -i.

Places that are ahead of UTC don't need to do the adjkerntz -i after
rebooting in single user.

Suppose you are in a time zone at UTC +7.

Boot in multiuser:

Wall clock=7:00
CMOS clock=7:00
TZ time=   7:00
UTC=       0:00

>From 7:00 to 7:30 you build world, file created will have a creation
date of 0:00 to 0:30 UTC.

Reboot in single user:

Wall clock=7:30
CMOS clock=7:30
UTC=       7:30 (no adjkerntz)

Make install world, the install will be done with a UTC at 7:30, that
is after the build time of 0:00 to 0:30.

Reboot in multiuser:

Wall clock=7:45
CMOS clock=7:45
TZ time=   7:45
UTC=       0:45

Now if you look at the newly installed world, it will be in the
future, ahead by 7 hours: a file installed at 7:35 will be listed with
a time of 14:35. That is odd, but it works.

Hence country ahead of UTC don't need adjkerntz -i



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