make installworld fails on RELEASE6.4 amd64

Olivier Nicole on at
Sun Mar 15 18:25:46 PDT 2009


> > What I did is: during the installation of the distrubition I set back
> > the CMOS clock to UTC time, and when FreeBSD was done installing from
> > the CD, I reset the CMOS clock to the wall clock. It worked, but it's
> > not very nice.
> What you did is not necessary if you "adjkerntz -i" when you boot to single 
> user mode.

Sorry, but wrong. I did adjkerntz -i when booting in single user mode;
beleive me, I spent 2 days installing from CD and trying to
buildworld/installworld in many various ways.  But it did not help
(never needed it with i386 though) because at the very first install
from CD, there is no time zone defined so all the directory structure
of /usr/src appeared to be 7 hours ahead of the installation.

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