installing packages

marco.borsatino at marco.borsatino at
Mon Mar 16 12:34:05 PDT 2009

Hi, this are my questions.

1) I've installed many packages using pkg_add -rK [package] because I had the idea to use the same packages on a different PC. Packages are present in the directory i used as a repository, but only the requested packages, not the dependecies.

When I tried on another PC pkg_add [package] (I've copied all the requested packages on a USB HD) the program tells me that it cannot find dependencies. What is my mistake?

2) I've installed FreeBSD 7.1 on a 2.6Gh Celeron with 1Gb of RAM and a fast internet connection. I haven't installed KDE 3.5 because I wished to install KDE 4.

When I used pkg_add -r kde4 the PC worked for almost 6 hours. During the installation I saw many error messages but, when finished, KDE was working.

Is this the only possibility or is there a better way to install a big program with a lot of dependecies?

Thanks for help.



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