Shared ftp access to a apache root

Rodrigo Gonzalez rjgonzale at
Mon Mar 16 11:38:40 PDT 2009

DAve wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
> I have a strange request and mind is just not up to the task today. We
> have a client who wants each web developer (there are four) to have a
> unique login to the same apache site root.
> I am not even certain that is possible. Anyone have any ideas? This is
> a dedicated server running FreeBSD 6.4 inside ESXi.
> DAve
Make the 4 users sharing the home directory and their main group.
At your ftp server configuration change umask or default permissions so
owner and group can read and write to files and directories.
You are done, all of them can connect and will connect to the same home
directory (www site root) and when upload something will be writable by
the others.

I hope this helps

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