netstat -NM uses

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Mar 16 07:54:49 PDT 2009

In the last episode (Mar 16), Cipta H said:
> I found these options in netstat and I'm interested in what they're for:
>      -M    Extract values associated with the name list from the specified
>            core instead of the default /dev/kmem.
>      -N    Extract the name list from the specified system instead of the
>            default, which is the kernel image the system has booted from.
> what are they for? Is it related to retrieving network data from another
> host / system? What are the uses of these options? Thanks

They're for extracting info from kernel crashdumps after the system has
rebooted.  ps, vmstat, and I think some other commands have them too.

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