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Frank Shute frank at
Sun Mar 15 23:30:13 PDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:37:13PM -0700, prad wrote:
> one of the neat things i've found about freebsd vs linux is the
> 'instantaneous' rm.
> when you remove a large file or a substantial directory, freebsd does
> it right away ard you get your prompt back, while with every linux i've
> tried, you wait and wait and wait.
> i presume freebsd just takes the pointer to the file out so it can be
> overwritten, while may be the linuxes fill stuff with zeros or
> something like that??
> is this instantaneity a result of the ufs file system vs say ext3 or
> reiser?

ext3 has a journal, so I guess the journal has to be updated after a
big delete unlike FreeBSD.

This could be the delay you've noticed. I don't know anything about

To confirm this, you could mount the ext3 as ext2 and see if that




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