Problem building ports : 1) abiword; 2) curl

bf bf2006a at
Thu Mar 12 23:04:33 PDT 2009

Firstly, it looks like you are using an old ports tree.
You should update it by downloading a newer tarball or using
csup.  Read the pertinent section of the handbook if you
don't know how to do this.  This may solve your goffice
build problem. (It's actually goffice, and not abiword, that
is the problem.)  If it doesn't, send a transcript to the
port maintainer via email, or file a PR.  You should not be
attempting to use curl 7.19.2, which has security problems,
but rather the newer 7.19.4, which is in the latest ports tree.

The curl problem, as the error message says, is that you
have enabled two mutually incompatible options when configuring
the port.  I don't know what you mean by "replacing the
Makefile": you shouldn't need to replace any Makefiles. Just
rerun 'make config' in the port directory, and select either
GNUTLS or OPENSSL, but not both.  Then build the port.  The
options that you have selected for ports are not contained
in any Makefile, but rather in /var/db/ports, and can be viewed
by looking through that directory, or by running 'make showconfig' in the port directory.



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