Problem with running acroread8/linux-nvu

bf bf2006a at
Thu Mar 12 23:32:20 PDT 2009

The whole point of ports is to provide an already integrated suite of applications; if you are copying files here-and-there, you are probably doing something wrong. (Yes, of course a port maintainer occasionally makes a mistake, and some tweaking is needed, or a port requires some configuration, but in general, you shouldn't need to do this.)  Here these ports are looking for the _Linux_ versions of these libraries, and you have moved _FreeBSD_ versions of these libraries into a directory they shouldn't be in, in the hopes that they will suffice.  Well, they won't.  The linux version of libgobject can be found in several of the linux base ports:


You need to install one that is compatible with your port
and it's prerequisites, and with the version of linux emulation
you are using.  For more on this, read the appropriate section
of the handbook:



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