Anonymizer tool like Tor?

T. freebsd-questions at
Thu Mar 12 11:09:33 PDT 2009

T. wrote:
> I just enable the control port locally and telnet to it.
> To get new circuits, on the control port (assuming you haven't set any 
> authentication):
Typo, that should be with a line break, obviously:


(you'll get a response, then).


(any time you need new circuits, though you may get into a rate limiting 
issues. Don't do it just for fun.)

I think a command line utility is definitely in order.
A remote control utility might be nice too. I found some mention that 
you're supposed to be able to use Vidalia to remote control a server 
with, but its obviously not designed for that and when I tried it did 
not work.

Also, I'm pretty sure you do not want other Tor's running in your 
network (vidialia doesn't go into control mode unless you "turn tor on" 
requiring a path to local tor binary, thereby running tor) or on the 
client machines, or else you're greatly increasing your susceptibility 
to being identified via statistical approaches. Because, your tor 
traffic could be doing two bounces within your own network, then just 
connecting to an exit node.

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