is there a laptop ?

John Hendy jw.hendy at
Thu Mar 12 07:10:29 PDT 2009

For Atheros, the exact chipset is still important... my Macbook's Atheros
AR5008 (aka AR5418) does not work with the FBSD ath driver. i386 works if I
ndisgen a kernel module from a WinXP driver, but I have not been able to
ndisgen a module successfully for amd64, which is what I'd like to run. The
kernel panics every time I load it.
I'm using FBSD-7.1-amd64, so I can't speak of the capabilities of 8.0, but
the hardware notes do not seem to have changed re the ath driver ( Even
though it only states that AR5005VL chips are unsupported, mine still is not
picked up and it's definitely an AR5008.

- John

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 8:46 AM, Ashish SHUKLA < at> wrote:

> Saifi Khan writes:
> [...]
> > Do Atheros, Ralink, Realtek, Intel PRO/Wireless chipset work
> > with FreeBSD ?
> Atheros chipsets work great with FreeBSD 8-CURRENT at least. And the
> driver is FOSS and blob free. No ideas about other chipsets.
> --
> Ashish SHUKLA

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