SYSCALL_MODULE macro modified?

T. freebsd-questions at
Tue Mar 10 18:37:07 PDT 2009

Found 7.0's sysent.h file modified at the commonly used SYSCALL_MODULE 
wasn't sure how I should modify my code to accommodate the change so 
changed the sysent.h (yikes!).
No biggy right? Removed the AUE_NULL. That's all that's been added.
But the argument was NULL, so what the hell else could I do? AUE_NULL 
didn't work.
And how can you be requiring anything else where once there was NULL.
And when I said NULL, I meant NULL! Boggling! This is related to some 
audit stuff?

#define SYSCALL_MODULE(name, offset, new_sysent, evh, arg)     \
static struct syscall_module_data name##_syscall_mod = {       \
       evh, arg, offset, new_sysent, { 0, NULL, AUE_NULL }     \
};                                                             \
static moduledata_t name##_mod = {                             \
       #name,                                                  \
       syscall_module_handler,                                 \
       &name##_syscall_mod                                     \
};                                                             \

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