puzzling ipnat behavior

dacoder dc at dcoder.net
Tue Mar 10 15:52:49 PDT 2009

i've asked this question before, but i must have been unclear.  i hope this
is better:

i'm puzzled by how ipnat works, particularly by the fact that when the ip's
on an inside nic are mapped to the ip on my outside nic, i have to configure
ipfilter to allow any ip that might hit the outside nic access to the ip's on
the inside nic.  so, where wpi0 is the outside nic & the 1st /24 in
contains the ip of the inside nic & everything behind it:

ipnat.rules:  allow wpi0 -> <ip on outside nic>/32

ipf.rules:    pass in quick from any to

i should have thought that since everything coming from outside to is addressed to the <ip on outside nic> this would be

		pass in quick from <ip on outside nic> to

but it isn't.

what's wrong w/ my thinking?  & why isn't this rule a security hazard?

david coder
network engineer emeritus

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