FreeBSD 7.1R on laptop

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Mar 9 09:07:41 PDT 2009

> I am using FBSD 7.1R on PC. But yesterday (8 Mar 09) my hard disk was
> physically broken. My machine is very old anyway. So I want to buy a
> new laptop (notebook). I have some questions.

simply getting new hard drive could be enough.

> 1. Previously I use ADSL but now I go back to 56k serial modem. The
> problem is new laptops do not provide COM port (/dev/cuad?). I must
> use internal modem built with the laptop. I'm not sure whether this
> internal modem can be found by FBSD 7.1R or not. If not, how to do?
> (Sorry I never used laptop.)

check what modem. for lucent winmodems there is WORKING driver in ports. 
works on my IBM T23.

simply check the hardware. or use external modems with USB connector.

Check if "Hayes compatible" or so label are on modem package - if so, it 
behaves like serial port modem just connected through USB, you'll use some 
of USB serial port drivers.

if no - it's winmodem, most likely incompatible with anything except 

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