FreeBSD 7.1R on laptop

Pongthep Kulkrisada ptkrisada at
Mon Mar 9 08:58:32 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I am using FBSD 7.1R on PC. But yesterday (8 Mar 09) my hard disk was
physically broken. My machine is very old anyway. So I want to buy a
new laptop (notebook). I have some questions.

1. Previously I use ADSL but now I go back to 56k serial modem. The
problem is new laptops do not provide COM port (/dev/cuad?). I must
use internal modem built with the laptop. I'm not sure whether this
internal modem can be found by FBSD 7.1R or not. If not, how to do?
(Sorry I never used laptop.)

2. Previously, I used LILO boot manager (from Linux) for selecting
FBSD, Linux or WinXP. But nowadays most of the time I use only FBSD
and don't use Linux at all. So I don't want to waste the space
installing linux on my new laptop. But I use XP occassionally. I need
to know whether FBSD boot manager can select and boot XP or not? How
to do it? I didn't find it in the handbook.
Note that I know grub. But I really want to know the way, the system
provide. Because I have a long story of this problem. Once (5 years
ago) I installed FBSD success but without caution. I rebooted then I
could not run the freshly installed system. Because there was no
options for selecting the new system. :-( That time I ended up with
LILO to fix the problem. But this time I just don't want to install
Linux. So I want to use only what, the system provides.


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