Battery powered, SBC that can run BSD

Eduardo Morras emorras at
Thu Mar 5 07:15:45 PST 2009

At 14:53 05/03/2009, you wrote:
>Hope this isn't too off topic... And I'm not sure of my terminology...
>I'm looking for a small, single board computer that can run for a
>week or two on batteries (so very low power drain), topped up by
>solar cells when the sun is out, and that can run some sort of
>unix... preferably one of the BSDs. No hard drive, obviously, or any
>other power draining peripherals.
>The user interface would be a low powered LCD display plus some buttons.
>The application is for a custom measuring instrument that would run
>in a marine environment.
>I've been Googling for it for the last hour, but can't find what I'm
>looking for. Any ideas much appreciated. I've got an ALIX2d3 working as 
router for the Internet connection and no problems.


>-- John

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