ClamAV execusion died without error messages

Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Mar 5 06:04:21 PST 2009

In response to "Ming Tang" <mtang17 at>:

> I did not find any other error messages in log files. The following lines
> appeared in the section for "kernel log messages" in daily email message for
> Security Run Output.
> > pid 840 (freshclam), uid 1#: exited on signal 11

This is a "segmentation violation".  It means the program is trying to
access memory that it never allocated (i.e., it's trying to access memory
belonging to another process).  This generally happens in 1 of 3 cases:
1) The program is a virus, etc trying to steal data from other programs.
2) The program was written poorly and has memory management bugs.
3) Your hardware (RAM) is buggy and memory bits are flipping by accident
   causing unpredictable memory access.

> > pid 875 (clamd), uid 1#: exited on signal 10

This is a more unusual error, but still related to memory:

This error is more difficult to create using software than a segfault.

My theory at this point is that you either
a) downloaded precompiled packages that are not supported by your
b) built these from ports with funky CFLAGS settings

My recommendation would be to start out by deinstalling clam, and rebuilding
it from ports, ensuring that your /etc/make.conf settings are all set to

If the problem persists, install a program like memtest86, or use some
other RAM tester to ensure that your hardware is solid.


Bill Moran

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