Ports on Macbook

Michaël Grünewald michaelgrunewald at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 4 04:31:15 PST 2009

Gary Kline a écrit :
> 	If this were only true!  ...But as I understand it, corporations like 
> 	the RIAA forbid me from making a backup of a CD  or DVD that I *own*.
> 	(E.g, a 6-CD set of Shostokovich).
While this thread is off-list and is probably annoying many people here, I cannot refrain to point out that this kind of discussion is void unless it is studied in a given legal system. For example in France, a court may decide that a given clause in a EULA is void because it is unfairly restrictive, or because the customer was not properly informed, oe because it contradicts current usage, or whatever. Companies and particulars can write everything they want, this does not make a law.

BTW I would like to point out that the question of validity of EULA is the same than the problem of validity of other software licences such as BSD or GPL: any of them will only be given a definitive answer in the front of a court.

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