Cron Not Sending Mail

Morgan Wesström freebsd-questions at
Wed Mar 4 02:36:37 PST 2009

APseudoUtopia wrote:
>> In my case I only see either "local" there or my smart host as defined
>> in /var/mail/{hostname}.mc
>> Can you provide a "diff -u" between /etc/mail/ and
>> /etc/mail/{hostname}.mc ?
>> /Morgan
> I'd switch over to postfix, but I'm only using this to send output
> from cron and the daily security run scripts. I don't receive any mail
> over the network, so I think it'd be pointless to go through the
> effort of switching and configuring another MTA.
> Here's the diff. I figured it was too long to include in the email
> (word wrap will make it hard to read :-P)

I'm no expert on Sendmail but you are aware that "dnl" is Sendmail's way
of commenting out a line, aren't you? In your config you have disabled
pretty much every configuration file in /etc/mail, especially
/etc/mail/access which defines who can relay mail through the local MTA.
I'm pretty sure this isn't a good idea. Apart from this I couldn't see
any major differences between your config and FreeBSD's default. Why not
try to use the default config and make sure to populate /etc/mail/access
with at least " RELAY" and try again?

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