Cron Not Sending Mail

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Tue Mar 3 17:19:06 PST 2009

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 6:48 PM, Morgan Wesström
<freebsd-questions at> wrote:
>>>>>> relay=www at localhost
>>>> Isn't "www at localhost" a very weird hostname for a relay? Can you really
>>>> resolve that into an IP address?
>>>> /Morgan
>>> Hm, I'm not sure where it's getting that from. The MAILTO variable is
>>> set in the crontab, so it shouldn't be going to or relaying through
>>> localhost at all, right? It should go directly to gmail's servers?
>> If grep 'n23LA0td086797' /var/log/maillog only yields one entry, then
>> something is wrong with your email setup. There should at least be one more
>> entry from the spooler to pickup final destination. And yes, the
>> relay 'www at localhost' seems odd, but since I gave up sendmail for postfix
>> years ago, I'm not current with how it spits things into syslog.
> In my case I only see either "local" there or my smart host as defined
> in /var/mail/{hostname}.mc
> Can you provide a "diff -u" between /etc/mail/ and
> /etc/mail/{hostname}.mc ?
> /Morgan

I'd switch over to postfix, but I'm only using this to send output
from cron and the daily security run scripts. I don't receive any mail
over the network, so I think it'd be pointless to go through the
effort of switching and configuring another MTA.

Here's the diff. I figured it was too long to include in the email
(word wrap will make it hard to read :-P)

Here's the full contents of /etc/mail/{hostname}.mc

Thanks for the help.

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