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new_guy byte8bits at
Mon Mar 2 09:55:41 PST 2009

RW-15 wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Mar 2009 16:16:50 +0000
> Frank Shute <frank at> wrote:
>> pdksh is statically linked and I don't know if bash is. 
> It's a build option.

Seems root should have a static shell always... otherwise, all bets are off
as some of the shared libs may be inaccessible or damaged. So long as bash
is statically linked and properly located, there should not be an issue. But
most folks (linux users) aren't aware of the implications of dynamic linking
and such. So it's probably best to 'just say no' to the OP's question. Leave
root's shell alone unless you know what you're doing and bash is built

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